Alpar Barta

Introducing your dentist


Yes, you’re right, Alpar Barta isn’t a typical German name. Born in Hungary, Alpar Barta moved to Germany with his parents via Switzerland in the 1980s. He attended the Hungarian European Gymnasium, which provided a great opportunity for the family to put down roots and to grow accustomed to their new home.

After receiving his school-leaving certificate, Alpar Barta decided to study dentistry and took his degree in Regensburg. He then moved to Passau, where he gained experience as an assistant dentist. It soon became clear to him that general dental care was not his calling, and he decided to study implantation surgery.

Laszlo Csato, a good friend of Alpar Barta since secondary school, had meanwhile become the owner of the Implantation Centre in Alztal. He recognized his friend’s abilities and offered him a post as an assistant. Alpar Barta was able to deepen his knowledge of implantation surgery, and the assistant dentist soon became a permanent employee.

After many years of successful collaboration, the next step followed in 2012: the opening of another practice together, the Implantation Centre in Harlaching. Although the two are partners in both businesses, each now runs his own practice: Laszlo Csato in Garching an der Alz, and Alpar Barta in Munich.