Low-Radiation X-Rays

Here too we work as gently as possible

As triumphant as X-rays have been for diagnostics and treatment, dentists would like to minimize their patients’ exposure to X-rays.

In our practice we therefore use the gentlest two-dimensional X-ray method available to modern medical science. The special feature of this method is that all X-ray images are digitally recorded, which takes far less time than capturing the images on X-ray films. That means significantly less radiation exposure for you as a patient.

In addition to two-dimensional X-ray diagnostics, we also offer ultramodern digital volume tomography (DVT). We recommend this 3D X-ray diagnostic technique only if it improves the predictability of the treatment outcome in the case of complex procedures:

  • displaced wisdom and other teeth
  • to clarify neighbouring anatomic structures
  • to plan implants

Although DVT imaging means a 76% lower radiation exposure than with conventional CT scans, we want to keep your total exposure as low as possible. After all, we don’t know how many times you’ll still have to be X-rayed, including X-rays of other parts of your body, in the future.

The costs of DVT are not covered by the statutory health insurance fund.