Our Team

The faces of our expertise

Alpar Barta

Implantologist / periodontologist


Meet your dentist: Alpar Barta is an experienced implantologist and periodontologist. You will find all you need to know about his professional career and qualifications here.

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Laszlo Csato

Implantologist / Periodontologist


Founder and head of the DIE BASIS Alztal Implantation Centre in Garching an der Alz, and cofounder of the DIE BASIS Implantation Centre, Harlaching in München.


Natalie Litt

Dental Assistant
Surgical Assistant


Employed initially as a trainee in the Implantation Centre in Alztal, Natalie Litt transferred to Harlaching in 2012, where she has been active as a dental assistant since 2013. She works in reception, and is also responsible for bookkeeping, administration and practice management.

Jasmin Brand

Dental Assistant
Surgical Assistant


Jasmin Brand has worked as a dental assistant in our practice since 2017. She ensures that the dentist she is assisting is able to concentrate fully on the surgical procedure in hand.

Swetlana Kloos

Surgical Assistant


Swetlana Kloos has joined our team as a surgical assistant since 2017.

Szandra Kovacs

Dental Assistant


Szandra Kovacs has been working part-time as a dental assistant since 2002.

Maria Marino

Dental Assistant


Maria Marino has been working part-time as a dental assistant since 2017.